What is the CLA?


The University Language Center (CLA) provides its services to the entire University and local area.
The main role of the CLA is to teach foreign languages in all of the University faculties with its mother-tongue language instructors. Its aim is to devise and run courses that develop the essential skills required to learn a foreign language at university level. When devising its courses, the CLA has always sought to cover a comprehensive curriculum that meets the specific requirements of non-language degree courses and the diversified needs of university students (age, background, job, etc.). CLA courses include classroom lessons, distance or e-learning, guided self-study, as well as language advice.
The CLA also provides training courses for University staff, Italian language courses, language certificates from internationally recognized associations, joint projects with national and international institutions and organizations, as well as translation and cultural mediation services for the University and the local area.
Study and research fields include the use of new language-learning technology (corpus linguistics, multimedia resources, computer language testing, etc.), the development of courses for Language for Specific Purposes (LSP), and issues in translation studies.