Certificate of English for Primary School Teachers

The Certificate of English for Primary Teachers (CEPT) is devised by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and University of Parma. It is a specific language test that moves away from general standards, such as the levels established by the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE), e.g. the Preliminary English Test (PET). It is designed for non mother-tongue teachers of English in primary schools and comprises a language test for specific rather than general purposes. It is based on a Language Profile for Foreign Language Teachers in Primary Schools (LP) and tests reading, writing, listening and speaking.
The LP establishes “the core of language ability and knowledge required for effective teaching and for identifying further areas of development” (Bondi and Poppi 2006). It also establishes what teachers “must know” and “must know how to do” and works as a reference framework (see Fulcher 2003) providing tasks that test the abilities of future teachers of English in the specific micro-contexts that they will be asked to deal with. Teachers must be able to demonstrate a mastery of the English language that enables them to be a competent user model in the classroom. More specifically, teachers must be able to:

  1. carry out work in class, teach content and manage classroom activities and interaction;
  2. take part in lifelong professional development in order to improve their language and professional skills;
  3. identify and select forms, functions and paths that are useful to the learning/teaching process.

Teachers are required to know and to use: (i) the language for classroom lessons and (ii) the language for professional training and development.

This framework led to the tests envisaged by the Certificate of English for Primary Teachers (CEPT), which assigns a different weight to each ability (see Table 1).

Table 1. Ability and Weight











A CEPT prototype can be downloaded HERE.

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