What is it?

The tandem system is probably the oldest way for learning a foreign language. Two students with different mother tongues get together informally to improve the knowledge of each other’s language and culture. They define when and how often they meet according to their needs and interests.

How does it work?

The tandem system is based on two principles which you should follow in order to ensure a successful learning experience:

  • Reciprocity: Students spend the same amount of time helping each other learn about their respective languages and cultures. In this way both benefit equally from the experience.
  • Self-Managed Learning: Both partners set their own goals for learning and decide what are the most appropriate methods for reaching those goals. Rather than teachers per se, they are knowledgeable experts of their languages and cultures.

To find out if the tandem system works for you, why not start an exchange with one of our international students. They are as excited to learn about your background as you are excited to learn about theirs!

What do I need to do?

You need to fill in the Tandem Project application form and e-mail it to the project co-ordinator. She will match you up with a suitable partner and then contact you.

As tandem partners, you plan your language learning on your own, according to your needs and interests, but you must follow the general rules as set by the project:

  • You need to confirm to the coordinator by e-mail that you have received your partner’s details.
  • You need to contact the coordinator by e-mail in case any difficulties arise (i.e., contacting your partner, continuing the project, etc.).
  • You may contact the coordinator for assistance throughout the project, and we recommend that you have a final interview with her once you have finished.
Whom do I need to contact?
The project coordinator is available for helping tandem participants select appropriate learning materials.

“Tandem” Project Coordinator: Chiara Caglieris